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***UPDATE, Nov 11 2019*** Soundbar 500/700 - Firmware update 5.0.14 - September 5, 2019



***UPDATE - Nov 11, 2019***


Hello everyone,


Apologies for the delayed communication regarding complaints about lack of HDMI audio through the system. We believe that the 5.0.14 firmware update resolved the issues around HDMI audio introduced in 5.0.12. If you are still having issues with HDMI, please go here.


Many thanks!



***Original message***

Starting today September 5, 2019, we are releasing a firmware update to Soundbar 500 and Soundbar 700 speakers. This is a minor bug fix update including a potential issue where the Bose Universal Soundbar Remote Control could lose control of configured 3rd party devices. Please note that we are currently investigating complaints about lack of HDMI audio through the system.


Please allow 24-48 hours to receive the update. There is no Bose Music App update required.


Soundbar Firmware Version: 5.0.14

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