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May 21, 2019

Very poor intengration of Alexa and Spotify in Bose Home Speaker 500

Good morning


I am using Alexa with Bose Home Spekers 500 in order to manage Spotify but I seems that platform has a lack of commands very importants, by example:

At least in Spain I can´t do:

- request to alexa that I like some song in spotify

- request to alexa that I would like ear in spotify the last album from .... bruce springsteen for example. Simply I can´t do it.

- create one list in spotify

- add songs to any list in spotify

- request to alexa to play my daily mix 1 in spotify...  (but my discover weekly runs) 

- if I request for radios in spotify, but I the results are getting me in amazon music instead Spotify


So, it's a shame because this integration is very poor.


kind regards