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Jul 8, 2019

What a waste of time and money S500

so I have been a loyal Bose customer for over 15 years.


I have purchased

2 Lifestyle systems;

Lifestyle room extension

5 Sounttouch products; and

the new S500 speaker.


When will I ever learn?

Not one of these products is

backward compatible;

none of them are interoperable;

soundtouch app doesnt work with Samsung android phone

S500 product appears to be a rushed product (no google home in Australia)

S500 has to be used by the phone, the unit doesnt even allow you to turn it off or mute it. You have to locate your phone to make it useful.

S500 NO release date for google home

and the list just goes on and on.


Bose, get your act together. Alos consider you existing customers and their need for interoprability rather than just trying ship new product. 


Sonos here I come




Re: What a waste of time and money S500

Hi Steveb0711, 


Thanks for posting and thank you for the feedback. 


I appreciate this feedback and will be passing this onto our development team for you. In regards to your issue with the app are you not able to launch the application at all? 


Kind Regards, 

Hector B - Community Support.

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