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May 2, 2020

500 home speaker says i need spotify premium



Got my Bose Home Speaker 500, 2 days ago. I've set up Spotify while not having premium account thus I couldn't use it on my 500. I bought premium Spotify to make it work on 500. It doesn't work. It keeps informing me that I need premium to play.


So far I took following actions:

- removed bose app and installed again

- turned off router, phone, and bose 500 (unplugged from electricity)


Non of above worked. Please help.




Re: 500 home speaker says i need spotify premium

Hey Daniel8383,


Welcome! Thank you for joining us in the community!


I hope you are enjoying your new speaker and I would be happy to help you get Spotify up and running with it!


When the speaker tells you that you need premium to play Spotify, how are you trying to play it? Are you using the Bose Music app, Alexa/Google Assistant, or the Spotify app?


Also, at what point when you try and use it does it tell you that you need premium? Is this when adding the account to the app, or when you try and play a song?


If you already added your free Spotify account to the Bose Music app, before you upgraded to the premium service, you may need to refresh the connection between the accounts to update this. To do this you will want to remove Spotify from the Bose Music app and then re-connect it.


You can remove the Spotify account from the Account Settings page on the Bose Music app. To access this, go to the My Bose page and select the icon of the person in the circle in the top right-hand corner, then select Manage Music Services > Spotify > Remove Account.


Once removed you can re-add it from the same menu.


Let me know if this does the trick!

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