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Nov 2, 2019

791 series II installation tips

Hello I have bought 2 x 791 series II speakers + 1 SoundTouch 30, all of them driven with a SA-5 amplifier, mine is a 2 floor house and the idea is to have music in all the house. I bought the 791 for the lower floor and the soundtouch 30 for the 2nd. I have doubts on where and the exact position to install the 791 speakers because I want to fully use their capability and great sound. I visited several stores but my case seams to go beyond their knowledge and they very professionally speaking advised me to ask in here. I have all house layout and specifications of materials and distance between floors all I need is an email address to place my case. For these post the only tips that I have is position those 2 m one from the other and 0.6 - 1.0 m from the walls also 12 cm away from joist but that is imagine that the ceiling is a square or a rectangle. Thanks