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May 23, 2020


Following the advice of the BOSE online user support, here's the mail I have sent to BOSE Technical Support :


Hi Bose support,

For sound reproduction, Bose is fantastic. That's why as a 30 years audiophile I'm now using Bose products and publish reviews on my blog and the forums that I administrate.

Following discussion on the French Bose Community support forum, I was given advice to contact you about several problems (likely bugs) on Bose Home Speaker firmwares.

These bugs are related to AIRPLAY and DLNA implementation.

For DLNA : it has been confirmed by two experts in UPNP protocols (respectively the developers of HifiCast and BubbleUPNP Android applications : both of them have managed to apply workarounds to partially fix the BOSE DLNA implementation, making theses apps to work nearly well in DLNA, with few problems, but still not perfect).

The Airplay problems have been tested with the reference app "DoubleTwist Player Pro".

The 4 issues that I noticed are :

1) in Airplay : volume control is completely broken (unsensitive control). It HAS worked for a few hours, but remains broken for now.
2) in Airplay : Pause -> Play resume the track from start : no Pause support.
3) in DLNA : Bose Home Speaker sends bogus replies to GetVolume() , and randomly notifies volume=0 on startup even if actual Speaker volume is 30% : resulting in desynchronization between the app and the speaker.
4) in DLNA : seek progress bar is broken : doesn't show progress status

--> Point 3) can be fixed on App side by ignoring bogus volume status DLNA messages from speaker, and forcing with SetVolume from the app at playback startup an Pause/Play restart. This has been implemented as a workaround by both HifiCast and BubbleUPNP.

Let me know if you need logs and how I can generate it.

All the best,