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Nov 24, 2019

Adaptiq Results SB 700, Sub500

I ran the Adaptiq for my SB700 and sub500 twice The results were the same both times where the volume, bass, treble etc is 0.  I was under the impression those values are adjusted based on the readings taken based on the seating positions.  


Are the 0 values correct.  


I tried to add a screenshot without success.  

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Dec 2, 2018

Re: Adaptiq Results SB 700, Sub500


you cannot see the adatpiq calibration results from the BASS/TREBLE/VOLUME level; adaptiq is a sophisticated calibration different from the equalization; so...the answer is "yes, 0 is the correct value" because its the the zero point of the calibratione resulted from adaptiq now, if you want, you can modify the equalizatione from the app (BASS/TREBLE/VOLUME)