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Oct 28, 2019

Alexa skill for Bose Portable Home Speaker in UK

I'm trying to get my Portable Home Speaker to a state where it can be controlled alongside my other home speakers (different brand but all linked to Alexa).  At present, if I instruct Alexa to play {music} to 'All speakers', she responds something like 'Hmmm... in order to control your Bose Portable Home Speaker, please install the Bose skill'.  


When I look at the UK skill store, I'm seeing 2 options for Bose - 


- Bose

- Bose (not for SoundTouch)


Regardless of which of these skills I install/enable, when it searches for devices, my Portable Home Speaker isn't found.


I can nonetheless from a previous device search, see that my speaker is already shown in the Alexa app and is part of a Room ('Bathroom').  Strangely, saying 'Alexa, play {music} in Bathroom' seems to work.  


Why then can it not play to 'all speakers' without the confusing message above.  Please advise if you're able to provide any clarity on which skill is required for this particular speaker, or how to go about configuring it properly to work as I've stated.


Re: Alexa skill for Bose Portable Home Speaker in UK

Hi twynne,


Thank you for posting and welcome to the community. I would be happy to help with this.


It is currently only possible to group Bose Music speakers, like your Portable Home Speaker, with other Bose Music speakers in the Alexa app, for multi-room music. It is not currently possible to group them with speakers from another brand for this. 


This would likely explain why Alexa is giving us an error when we try to do so.


The correct Alexa skill for your speaker is the "Bose (Not For SoundTouch)" skill. Alexa not detecting the speaker as a new device when we re-enable the skill is something that is not unexpected, it does sometimes remember the speaker from your previous setup.


As we are able to play to the speaker using Alexa commands, it does seem like you have got the speaker set up correctly to be used with Alexa. It does not sound like anything is working incorrectly, from how you have described it.


I hope this helps clarify things for you. Let me know if you have any further questions.


Kind Regards,


Keith L - Community Support

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