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Jan 3, 2020

Amazon music playlist errors [C10001] and [C7 - SC1300] on Bose Music app Soundbar 700

I have a customized playlist on Amazon Music.  It's 604 songs long.  It plays fine through the Soundbar 700 using Alexa ("Alexa shuffle playlist X on Amazon Music").


However, using the Bose Music app, I cannot view or play this playlist.


When I attempt to view it from the Amazon Music->My Music->Playlists page, I get a red error message bar at the top of the application that says "Something went wrong [C10001]" - and nothing else happens.


When I try and play it from the same screen, after a short pause of a few seconds, then I get a full screen error message which says "Oops.  We can't connect to that music service right now.  Please try again later.  [C7 - SC1300]".  Clicking OK takes me back to the previous screen, but now the bottom bar says "Speaker's Ready.  Please select something to play"


I have been able to find a workaround - that is to split to playlist into 2.  Each of these can then be viewed or played successfully.  It also seems that the maximum size of a playlist is 326 songs.  At that number there are no problems, but larger than that and the 2 errors above occur.


Any advice?  I've already removed the Amazon Music service from the Bose Music app and reconnected it.  That didn't make a difference.