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Mar 6, 2021

Android bluetooth too loud on Soundbar 700

I connected my Pixel 2XL Android phone to my new Soundbar 700 as a bluetooth speaker. Thankfully I had all the volumes at zero before trying it out, because the volume levels are insanely loud.


The volume up/down buttons on the phone and on the Soundbar remote do the same thing. Starting from zero volume, going up in the smallest increments I can (single presses) my options are:

1. silence

2. can't hear it very well

3. louder than I wanted

4. quite painful

5. ...did not try it


I tried the "Precise Volume" app that some have suggested for Android: this does not help, because although it lets me increase the volume slider in smaller increments, in fact nothing changes in the output volume until I get to the next threshold level, and then suddenly it jumps up to the next step as above.


I have read various suggested bluetooth settings for Android, such as disabling "absolute volume", but cannot find this setting in Android 11 on my Pixel.


I had a look in the settings in the Bose Music app but nothing very useful seems to be there either.


This is a massive disappointment! It was bad enough to find that I can't even cast from YouTube music to this device, but this volume issue makes it completely useless even as a bluetooth speaker... with all the crazy advanced technology packed into both of these devices it seems INSANE that I can't do the most absolute, basic thing which is to control the volume...


Please, if anyone has any suggestions, let me know!