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May 2, 2020

Any way to connect Home 300 with my amplifier and speakers?

I bought a Home 300 speaker a few months ago, and also recently bought a record player, integrated amp and speakers.


Is there a way I can connect these (I know it will involve buying some other product!). I saw the Bose Soundtouch Wireless link Adaptor which looks perfect, but obviously won't connect to the Home speaker. Did I just go for the wrong Bose family of speakers? 


Thanks for any help 🙂 


Re: Any way to connect Home 300 with my amplifier and speakers?

Hi Audsley,


Thanks for posting and joining the community!


There are some options to get your Home Speaker 300 and record player setup working together. You are correct that the SoundTouch Wireless Link Adapter would not be suitable for this, but it should still be possible.


So I know though, were you looking to get the audio from your record player to play through the Home Speaker, or get audio from the Bose Music app to both your Home Speaker and amplifier setup?


To get the sound from the record player to the Home Speaker, you could use either an AUX connection or a Bluetooth transmitter connected to an audio output on the record player. Depending on how far the Home Speaker is from your record player both of these options are possible. 


Getting the sound from the Bose Music to the amplifier setup would be trickier but could be possible with a Bluetooth receiver connected to it. The Home Speakers have a feature called SimpleSync that allows you to connect to some Bluetooth devices from the speaker. You can find more information on how to do this HERE.


Sadly, we don't make a Bluetooth receiver or transmitter that I would be able to recommend for you, but I would love to invite the community to jump in with recommendations for any that you have all been using! Let us know as we'd love to hear what setups you have achieved!

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