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Oct 19, 2020

App cannot detect Home speaker 300

I installed bose music app. But it is not able to detect my bose home speaker 300, though it is within bluetooth range.


Re: App cannot detect Home speaker 300

Hey @Dharini, welcome to the Bose Community!


Sorry that you're unable to find your Home Speaker 300 in the Bose Music app.


Are you trying to connect through Bluetooth or connect it to your Wi-Fi? If you haven't set up the speaker through your network on the app yet, you can connect via the Bluetooth settings on your device. If you're looking to set up your speaker to use the Bose Music app, please follow these steps - Setting up your Home Speaker 300. If your speaker is not in setup mode (solid amber light bar), simultaneously touch and hold the AUX and Play/Pause buttons. The light bar will simulate a 5-second countdown by changing size every second  It will then blink white twice, then glow amber. Now the app will be able to discover the speaker for setup.


Let me know if you have any problems with this.

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