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Jun 29, 2020

Bad Software Bose Home Speaker 500

The Bose Home Speaker 500 could be a really good product, but its software bugs keep driving me crazy. A few examples:

- Orange light blinking (= Alexa, Amazon delivery notification) and there's no way to stop it
- Spotify connect is, very often, not working at all and I, therefore, have to disconnect the Home Speaker 500 every other day from its power supply to solve this
- Cracking sounds when playing Mac audio via AirPlay
- It is also not clear to me what Bose's intention really is with the display because 80% of the time it just shows me the clock and every now and then a cover appears when I play music
- Several problems with Alexa (as discussed here multiple times)

I can't understand that these problems existed since I bought the speaker in 2018(!).
It would be great if Bose would take the "smart" more seriously and would start building good software/firmware for this product because, in terms of design and sound, it is a great speaker.

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Jul 22, 2020

Re: Bad Software Bose Home Speaker 500


I am also having a very poor experience with this speaker.  When I purchased one over 6 months ago I set it up without problems and it appeared to work perfectly. However, over the past month or so music streaming from radio and amazon playlists is very intermittent dispite performing factory reset and setting up from sctratch.


I have alos raised a message related to this but as yet have not received a solution.  


PS you can get rid of the orange bar by speaking 'Alexa my notifications'.  or enter the alexa app and review the messages.


best regards