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Jul 14, 2019

Bose 500 Alexa frustrations

I have a Bose Home Speaker 500 in my kitchen and have been happily using it for the last 6 months.  Living in an old barn with high ceilings so love the fact the 500 fills my kitchen with sound.  However I’m getting increasingly frustrated that stuff just doiesnt work with Alexa, I still can’t play Apple Music even though it’s been available on other Alexa devices for months, I can’t join this with other Alexa devices for multi room audio, I can’t get Alexa notifications.  So when being sold this as an Alexa device I think is not entirely true it’s more of a half Alexa device or a very basic Alexa device.  


Is is there any sign that a future firmware upgrade are going fix these woes - or do I need to switch of Alexa and pair it with a real Alexa device?


in fact has anyone done this say perminantly pairing an echo dot or show 5 and just using the Bose as a dumb Bluetooth speaker?  Maybe that’s reluctantly the solution?