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Nov 11, 2020

Bose 700 Surround Speakers Wireless Receiver Replacement

I bought Bose 700 Surrounded Speakers in the U.S. and took them with me to Thailand.  I have been using them for 6 months with my soundbar 700 and Base Module 700 without any problem.  However, one of my wireless receivers stopped working last week.  There was no light when I plugged in.  So, I took my Bose 700 Surround Speakers to Bose agency here in Thailand as they are still under 1-year warranty.  They do not carry Bose 700 Surrounded Speakers here in Thailand, so they give me the wireless receiver for the older 300 surrounded speaker as the replacement.   When I connect them to Bose music app under accessory speakers, my Bose 700 Surrounded Speakers show as the older 300 Surrounded speaker on my phone.  The sound does come out from the speakers.  But will this have an impact on the sound quality?     


Re: Bose 700 Surround Speakers Wireless Receiver Replacement

Hey Suttapan, 


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Bose Community! Sorry to hear that you have had to replace your wireless receiver. 


It's great to hear that the team was able to assist you with this as best as they could. This shouldn't have any effect on the sound quality of the speakers as it just transmits audio. 


If you begin to experience any issues please do let us know. 

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