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Aug 30, 2019

Bose Bass Module Rattling Fix

Hi All,


I've recently purchased the Soundbar 700, Bass Module 700, and Surround Speakers. I was hit by one of the prominent issues in this community - my Bass Module 700 was rattling a fair bit. The sound in general was awesome and I was happy with everything but the rattling of Bass Module 700. 


After playing around with things and reading the community forums, I've found a fix for my issue. Here it is in case it helps someone:



Bass Module rattling only when watching video via TV, Apple TV, or DVR via HDMI or Optical

Bass Module working perfectly when playing music



If you're using a mac, hit option and click on your wifi icon in the menu bar. Then 'Open Wireless Diagnostics'. Then 'Window' in the menu bar and 'Scan'.

Once the scan is done, on the left side of the window write down the values against 'Best 2.4Ghz' and 'Best 5 Ghz' - these are the channels you need to set your bands on in the router.

I've also set my bands to 20Hz - which seems to work better for reduction of interference.


The reason this needs to be done is because the Bose products work using the same WiFi spectrum. And if there are a lot of WiFi signals in your area, there'll be a fair bit of overlap. Adjusting signals helps with isolating your own WiFi signal and therefore clears the congestion.


This has worked for me and everything is working fine. My entire setup is WiFi - no lan cable connected to Soundbar 700.


Hope this heps.


Re: Bose Bass Module Rattling Fix

Hello Gboots, 


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Bose Community Forums. 


I am sorry to hear that you were experiencing issues but I am so glad that you have resolved them now. 


Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on the fix that you have found, I am sure it will benefit some Community users. 


Have a great weekend. 


Kind Regards, 

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Nov 22, 2019

Re: Bose Bass Module Rattling Fix

I have exact same problem reported by gboots and I follow the solution described by him, but in my case, the rattles during a deep sound continues. I used the 3.5mm jack cable to connect the bass module to SB700 and the rattle disappear.

I reported the problem to BOSE and they change the Bass Module for new one. The problem continues with the new Bass Module. I follow the same process reported by gboots and I used the 3.5mm jack cable and the situation is the same mentioned before.

I need help to solve this problem

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Apr 3, 2021

Re: Bose Bass Module Rattling Fix

same issue. Im going to give up on wireless to sub soon. its the only device in my apt that seems affected but at this point Im going to give up - whatever is going on here seems to be a shielding or isolating issue. Bose said to remove it from 6 feet from the nearest non bose bluetooth device.  I think thats literally impossible. in the room I have a roku, an alexa, my bluetooth turntable, a mesh wireless station, and typically 2 people with phones... plus the soundbar and surround speakers themselves. seems a design flaw. In my old house no issues.