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May 1, 2020

Bose Home 500 Spotify preset lists latency



I am continually experiencing problems playing music on Spotify/Streaming from my preset list on my Bose Home 500 Speaker; in the 6 presets I have set up 6 Spotify Playlist of mine.  I have to turn off/turn on the speaker all the time to fix this issue.This has anything to do with my Wi-fi connection quality, since my speaker is connected to a WiFi Repeater? It’s rare since Alexa answers me correctly with the same  internet quality connection.


looking forward to hear from you!

Many thanks!


Re: Bose Home 500 Spotify preset lists latency

Hi @retret,


I'm sorry to hear you're facing issues using your Home Speaker presets - this shouldn't be happening. Wifi extenders and repeaters are not always advised, as they may have compatibility issues with the speaker, causing connection problems.


What I'd suggest you try first, however, is a reboot of your WiFi router, by simply disconnecting from power for two minutes. Also, could you try setting other services to the other saved presets, to see if the issue occurs with services other than Spotify?

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