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Jun 8, 2020

Bose Home Speaker Alexa and Google functionality - what exactly is supported?

I currently have an Amazon Echo 8. I like the functionality but I want something with better audio quality so I am looking at the Bose Home Speaker 500.


I understand it has Alexa functionality built in I believe that there are limitations and I am not sure exactly what is and what is not supported.


Can the Bose Home Speaker support the following that I can do on my existing Alexa:

(1) I can say "Alexa - play some good music/love songs/etc." and the Alexa will play a playlist such as Most Played in Prime from my Amazon Prime account. 


(2) I can say "Alexa - play <Some Playlist> from Spotify" and the Alexa will play the Spotify playlist using my Spotify premium account.


(3) I assume basic play controls like volume up/down, next track, stop, etc are supported while playing music.


(4) I often use Drop-In to speak to one of my kids in their bedroom while I am in the kitchen with Alexa. I believe that Bose Home Speakers do not support drop-in. However, Google has a similar "broadcast" option that will broadcast a message to all Google devices. Can I say "Hey google, broadcast <some message>" and the Bose Home Speaker will broadcast that to all Google device in the house. (We also have a Google Home)


(5) Can you group Bose Home Speakers together? Can you group a Bose Home speaker with an Amazon Echo or with a Google Home?


(6) Do you have to do anything to switch between Amazon Alexa and Google or does the speaker simply respond according to whether you say "Alexa" or "Hey Google"


(7) If I use an Echo Spot can I set the Bose Home Speaker as my default speaker and then get full Amazon functionality? 


I am finding it hard to get definitive answers for these questions so thanks in advance for your help. 

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Jul 10, 2019

Re: Bose Home Speaker Alexa and Google functionality - what exactly is supported?



1. Yes

2. Yes

3. Yes

4. with Alexa I don't know. With the google assistant, yes

5. Bose speakers only, does not apply to Bose Soundtouch

6. You can only choose one assistant. It's either Alexa or the google assistant. Not both at the same time.

7. I don't think so. Both Alexa and the google assistant work basically.