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Oct 20, 2020

Bose Music App, Soundtouch app, Bose Connect, all worthless product interfaces

I love the sound of Bose, admired the big sound in the small package since I was a kid. But my recent jump into the smart/portable/ home theatre soundbar products from my previous high end home theatre / whole house wired system when I moved in 2019 is nothing short of total disappointment.  I am writing this in hopes that nobody is as gullible as me to do the following:

Product 1:  Soundtouch 300 soundbar for main TV, superb sound, needs soundtouch app to set up, problems with everything else in the app, no longer using it for anything beyond TV sound through the smart TV that I can control from my phone anyway.  It does not interface with other Bose products unless they are "soundtouchable", it would be great to have "whole house" group speakers as I buy into the Bose product line... lets try

Product 2 Soundlink Micro - bought for portability, waterproof, good for backyard, the beach, swimming pool, garage, bicycle, hiking, etc.  nearly pocket sized, no other "smart speaker" could fill this category, great sound in the tiny package.  I basically bring it wherever I want.  Darn... it uses another app called Bose connect app, which is practically useless for anything more than set up, this is app #2 in my phone now, cant get these things to play sound at the same time, oh well, I guess I needed to buy some other product that was compatible.

Product 3:  Soundbar 500 - compact soundbar bought for smaller TV in living room/kitchen area, sounds very good, needed a smaller soundbar, uses most recent/most advanced "Bose Music App", why its called "music" is beyond me if it is used for setup, TV / home entertainment line, b.s. gimmick to buy premium music services apparently.  I was sold by the idea of Bose Simplesync, yes, an integrated functionality, which intends to bring them all together so I can have "whole house" sound right?  Nope, still not working... too far for the bluetooth reach which uses my phone and just connects/disconnects.  These 3 apps might as well be 3 different OEMs, it seems like Bose has 3 different teams who dont talk to each other and put junk out in the market without a single thought.  Suggestion to Bose... fix it, make 1 app, call it Bose one, connect all your products to it, update your soundtouch products with new firmware, and stop making new apps.  Dont make a single new product until you do this for your existing customers, you owe them, you just keep screwing it up more and everyone will go to Sonos rather than replacing 1-2 year old speakers.  good luck, I have faith in you