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Bose Music App Update, May 8th 2019

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Dear Bose community,


On Wednesday May 8th 2019, an update to the Bose Music App was released for iOS and Android users.

We're excited to announce the availability of a new bass audio setting in the Bose Music App for Bass Modules 500 and 700. The setting is found in Speaker Control -> Audio, scroll down to Bass Module section.

The audio setting supports increments +/- 100.

The setting is only available for the bass module(s) 500 and 700 when the bass module is connected to a Soundbar 500 or 700.

In addition, there are several bug fixes and enhancements:



• Minor updates to setup for Home Speaker 500, Soundbar 500 and Soundbar 700.

• Fixed audio control problems when not on “Now Playing” page.

• Addressed issues with “Recently Played” not updating.



• Resolved issue causing app to crash when selecting a Spotify playlist.




Date: May 8th, 2019


Details: Bose Music App Update available will be available on May 8th, 2019 on the Apple App and Google Play stores. You will receive the update automatically if your phone is configured to do so.

Firmware Version: No Firmware update.


Bose Music App Versions:

Android: 1.7.2

iOS: 1.7.2