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Sep 13, 2019

Bose Music App Volume Control in Lockscreen

Hi there! I just got the Home Speaker 500 and it‘s great. But there is one major feature missing: i can not control the volume by using my iPhone‘s Volume Buttons nor can i play/pause/Volume Control in Lockscreen. 

I can only control the Volume by sliding the Volume bar with my fingers while using the App. 

Why isn‘t that possible? When i use the spotify or TuneIn App and stream via AirPlay to my Home Speaker 500, i can simply use the controls in Lockscreen or the Side Buttons on the phone. 


Re: Bose Music App Volume Control in Lockscreen

Hi AndiM, 


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Bose Community. I really appreciate the feedback, this will be down to the current implementations of the app within iOS. 


I would love to forward this information on to the development team as a feature request for the future. 


I hope this helps and if any other community members would like to see this added please do let us know! 


Kind Regards,

Hector B - Community Support 

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