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Apr 16, 2020

Bose Music App

I know app developers are working very hard.

I was torn between Bose and Sonos but I chose Bose ultimately. However, having used it for nearly a year now I am starting to have doubts, especially when Sonos is bringing their S2 platform out soon.

The app unfortunately is just very glitchy and not very user friendly. I am finding myself having to reset at least one of my speakers every month or so because of some weird problems from home speaker freezing to soundbar not playing from tele.

Here are few problems/ suggestions

1. Grouping speakers without lock so I can start playing on speaker 1 then speaker 2 joins and perhaps stop playing on speaker 1. Now I have to stop the music completely and switch to speaker 2 on my app

2. Alexa is very frustrating. When I ask Alexa to play a song, sometimes it says the device is offline. When asked to skip a song, most of the time it will say it can't.

3. Queue function within the app when playing with spotify

4. Adjusting volume through the app is still not working. It will suddenly go really loud or really quite and will never settle with one volume despite not adjusting it once using side buttons on my phone

5. Make a Bose Music app for mac like sonos

6. Make the overall app smoother perhaps I find it quite frustrating to use.

I hope this app can be made better asap as I'm sure there are many people who are in the situation I was before, choosing between sonos and bose. And regardless of the competition, it is nonetheless annoying/ frustrating that I am coming across these problems. Thanks

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Nov 19, 2020

Re: Bose Music App

Bose developers are deaf to the community. They aren’t listening to us an don’t care about how crappy the music app/WiFi connection is.

they expect us to be IT experts.

just stupid.