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Feb 10, 2020

Bose Portable Home Speaker - Product fixes / updates needed

Hello Bose team,


I have had the Bose Portable Home Speaker now since its launch in my market (UK) from October last year, and though I have enjoyed a number of the products value proposition in action (decent sounding portable speaker with airplay 2) there have been a number challenges / issues. Be great to get a note on wether these features are in development or scheduled to be addressed...


1. Scheduled speaker 'turn off' timer setting

Since this is a battery powered portable speaker, really need a  'after specified duration, turn speaker off if no sound playing'. When travelling I throw the speaker in my suitcase and often forget to turn it off (due to issues with the voice controls noted later). By the time I take it out, the battery is dead.  If this feature can't be added, can we please get a timer turn off at the very least (auto turn off device after specified duration).


2. When you manually turn of the speaker it pauses/stops the music playing from the source

I use the mainly as a bathroom speaker as part of an airplay 2 setup with multiple speakers. When I do remember to turn it off, the speaker will pause/ stop the song playing from the source (apple music in my case). I then need to continue the song again using another speaker or from the source. It be great if the off button did not also double as a 'stop song' button. If some people do like this, can we please get a toggle option in the app!


3. The device does not support shutting down when given as a voice command (google assistant)

The device pretends it does (the Google assistant will literally announce that it is now turning off the speaker), but the device won't actually complete the request. The google home app confirmed that the bose speaker itself actually does not support this option given as a voice command. Please can this be fixed/added? This is pretty easy bug to spot.


4. Bose App - PC/MAC application. Better UI on Phone app.

Please can a desktop version of the app be provided? Bose competitors in the same space offer this. The phone app also needs a lot of UI work, the TuneIn default view is extremely poor. The device settings pages which are tucked away, should be front and foremost.