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Jan 10, 2020

Bose Soundbar 700 and Alexa

Please help! We just want to turn on a smartplug labeled TV!


We have multiple Alexa devices and a 700 soundbar connected to an LG TV. We have an amazon plug labeled TV attached to the power for the LG TV. We have multiple problems trying to "turn on the TV", which should result in the LG TV being turned on, but instead what usually happens is the 700 Soundbar turns on and the tv stays off. One problem was that the soundbar was somehow labeled as TV on the amazon account. But I changed the name a while ago.


We have figured out a recent workaround. Instead of asking to turn on the TV, which for some reason still turns on and off the soundbar, we ask the soundbar to turn on the TV plug and we have the following conversation for some reason: 

Me: "Turn on the TV plug" [if we ask to turn on the tv the soundbar gets turned on]

Soundbar: Do you mean TV? 

Me: Yes

TV plug turns on.

But the other Alexa devices in the house do not see the TV plug, when asked to turn on the TV plug, the other alexa devices ask if I mean the fishtank (another smart plug).