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Oct 4, 2018

Re: Bose Soundbar 700 factory reset

Hi all, after resseting my sound bar to Factory i was getting no where!!

This is how i got back to Normal and got my remote back up!

1. I connected my 700 on a cable direct to my router

2. i pushed my WPS button on my Sky router to allow the 700 to join my network.

3. i powered cycled the 700 and waited 5 mins 

4. i searched for it in the bose music app and it found it and began activating it!!

5. i then went into soundbar settings and told it to add assories and it found my sub 700 and surround sound speakers!

6. I then added the universal remote and paired it with the 700 and all buttons now illuminated.

7. I unpluged the ethernet cable and put the 700 into pair wifi mode cant remember what 2 buttons now maybe tv and left arrow till amber light on 700.

8. ip addy i thing and connect and tell it wifi info and thats it!