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Sep 22, 2020

Does Home Speaker 300 work with new "hey Samuel" wake word of Samuel L Jackson Alexa skill?

Amazon just added the ability to use the Samuel L Jackson skill with it's own wake word - by saying "hey Samuel" instead of "Alexa, ask Samuel...". Question is, does the Bose 300 support this feature? The original Amazon Echo does not - only 2nd and 3rd gen Echos do. How about the Bose 300 speaker?


Please answer only if you know that it does or doesn't work. "Likely" or "unlikely" guessing doesn't help. I would appreciate hearing from someone who has either enabled it successfully or tried to enable it and gotten the message "sorry, but this device doesn't currently support that feature".


To enable the feature, you first have to purchase the Samuel L Jackson skill, then say "Alexa, enable hey samuel".