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Oct 10, 2019

Dolby Atmos content via arc from 4k player to soundbar 700

Hi eveyone


New here, I have some question I just bough the Soundbar 700 with the bass module, and sounds great for movies, just what i was looking, the thing is after fighting a little bit to connect the bar through arc with my new tv (lg nanocell) I use a 4k player that has dolby atmos, and the soundbar doesn't so no sound over there when I change the audio format is back on, but many new movies comes with dolby atmos or PCM 2 channels, no dolby 5.1, there's a way of using arc to "downgrade" the atmos to a 5.1? or I should use optical to connect?



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Jul 17, 2019

the Re: Dolby Atmos content via arc from 4k player to soundbar 700

Hi Are you using the LG player from the TV ?

Did you check that when you play the same movie through the TV speaker the sound is working ?


On my LG TV (OLED C7), the LG player doesn't support Dolby Atmos (even if the TV does), so there is no sound when playing Atmos content through it.


You would need to use a different player if it is the same for your TV. Dolby Atmos is not a new format, but is added on top of DD+ or Dolby TrueHD.


You might have an issue with the bandwidth of ARC. You need eArc to passthrough Dolby Atmos. Not sure what the TV would do in that case if it's not eArc.