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Jul 10, 2019

Error playing spotify music with google assistant on HS500


I've had several problems with the google wizard when requesting to play music with the spotify service.

When I say "ok google, play music" on the screen of my HS500 it shows the spotify logo and the led light is on white. After about 10-20 seconds it doesn't play anything and shows the clock. After doing some tests, I detected that when the spotify logo image stays frozen, I say "ok google, next song" and it actually goes to the next song and then it plays music and everything is normal; this error happens daily after alternating the start of music playback between the spotify application, the Bose application and the google assistant.

The other error that happens randomly is that when I say "ok google, play music" the assistant tells me that it cannot help me with this action, that to play music I must say "ok google, play music" then I have to say for example "ok google, play salsa" that is, I must tell the assistant the name of the song or genre of music I want to hear so that it can play it. Normally when I say "ok google, play music" it plays the last music list I was listening to but there are times when the speaker does not remember which list I was listening to and that is when the problem occurs.


This is solved by disconnecting the speaker and reconnecting it, but doing that every day and every time the problem arises is not a practical solution.



Re: Error al reproducir música de spotify con el asistente de google en HS500

Hi earm57,


This certainly isn't the behavior I would expect from Google Assistant that you are experiencing! I do have a couple of questions for you, so I can get an even better idea of what exactly is happening with your speaker.


As you have mentioned the first issue happening "after alternating the start of music playback between the Spotify application, the Bose application and the google assistant" what exactly are you doing in this situation? Are you changing in between the apps in a certain pattern? Is there a specific way that you need to do this, or is it just if Spotify has been played through either app that Google Assistant will do this?


As Spotify only allows you to play from one device per account, it could be possible that if you switch between the different apps and ways of starting Spotify too frequently or close together that it is confusing it into thinking you are trying to play on multiple devices.


With error with the "ok google, play music" command, have you noticed any patterns to when this will happen as well? Is there any situations where it is more likely to happen, or does it seem to be more random?



Also, have you seen similar errors to these using any other music services with Google assistant or is it only Spotify? If you were to try using TuneIn from a voice command, would you see any similar behavior?


With both of these issues you are describing, the first thing I would recommend doing is removing and re-adding Google Assistant on your speaker. To do this, in the Bose Music app select your speaker and navigate to Settings > Voice Assistant > Google Assistant > Remove Account.  


You will then be able to re-add Google Assistant from the same area of the app.


I look forward to getting to the bottom of this with you!

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