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Nov 17, 2018

Fault code SC4501 and C10001

Have 2 home speaker 500 and SB 700 the home speaker suddenly stopped playing from Tunein preset station (radio 2) and when I tried to reconnect the bar flashes amber and fault code SC4501 comes up on my phone, it does it on all the presets

I have tried the 2nd home speaker and SB and the same thing happens

If I try to find a station on tunein itself it comes up with C10001 fault code

I have rebooted them and rebooted the router also have deleted and reinstalled the app and nothing works

It is fine on bluetooth and I can control the volume and group the speakers

Is there a problem with Tunein


Re: Fault code SC4501 and C10001

Hi there @geoffduc


Thank you for your post! I'm sorry to hear that you have experienced some issues using the TuneIn service on your HB500 and SB700. 


It has come to our attention that TuneIn experienced a brief outage earlier today but has all been resolved now. 


Can you confirm you are able to use your presets now? 

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