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Mar 23, 2021

Google Assistant doesn’t detect Bose 300

Bose product name: Bose Home Speaker 300


Country: Switzerland


Firmware Version: 7.0.11-2327+b43665d


App Version: Bose Music 4.3.4 - Version 18.02.2021


What devices were you using that were affected and what version are they on (e.g. Samsung S10 on Android 10)

Detailed description of the issue and steps to reproduce:

1. Have Google Home, Google Assistant and Bose Music installed and logged in (all use the same gmail address for login). Google Assistant works on phone, recognises OK google command, and can turn on/off lights. Bose 300 is recognised by Spotify, can play and pause music from Spotify and Bose Music apps. Google Home detects and has “Bose 300” integrated into a Home Room, with an option “dissociate Bose Music” (see “what I tried to troubleshoot” below)

2. Open Bose Music application, open settings of Bose 300, click on “Vocal Assistant”, click on configure Google Assistant

3. Click on “Open Google Assistant”, which starts looking for devices



1. Google Assistant finds no device for “Bose Music” devices, asks me to check that they’re on the same network, which they are. Retry gives the same result.

2. Say “OK google” near the Bose 300 doesn’t give any result or answer.

3. Say “OK google” near the phone, and ask “Play music on Spotify on the Bose” has the assistant answer “Bose Music is unavailable at the moment”, whereas the Bose 300 is linked to Google Home, and the Bose speaker can actually play music if I launch it directly from Spotify


What environment do you experience the issue in: quiet living room


When did you start to experience the issue? Did it work correctly previously: I started trying to configure it this evening, and it didn’t work


Any troubleshooting steps you took:

1. I tried to update my android version, and all applications to their latest versions, nothing changed

2. I tried uninstall/reinstall the Bose Music application, log out and log in again, nothing changed

3. I made sure Google Assistant was the prioritised by the phone over the native Bixby from samsung

4. I tried to dissociate Google Home from the Bose 300, in order to configure the Google Assistant from the Bose Music app without any “pre-logged” information, but the Google Assistant it opened didn’t find any Bose Music device

5. I tried to configure a “New Device” (as a chromecast) from Google Home again, it didn’t find anything, asked me to make sure the device was plugged in (it was), pressed next, still didn’t find anything.

6. I tried to configure a “Works with Google” (as a connected socket) from Google Home again, selected Bose from the list, logged me in the “Bose Login” page it directed me to, which associated the accounts. Google Home then found the Bose 300 as “unassociated to the home”, so I associated it, assigned it to a room, and it appeared in google home again - which brings us back to the initial situation.