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Dec 19, 2019

Google Home Compatibility with bose speakers


I am wondering if you can help me. I have tried and then read articles relating to using Bose Home Speakers with Google Home.


I bought the Soundbar 700, Home 500 and 300 with the idea of starting a smart home. When I found that the speakers struggled with my voice (Nobody else's) I bought a Google Nest Mini to see if it helped. It didn't help.


I used the Google Home App and a A Google Nest Hub to try to group speakers and have music around the home. Google Home etc doesn't recognise the Bose speakers. This means I cannot listen around my home and my Google Nest Hub seems to have trouble transferring music or features to the other Bose speakers .


After playing with the speakers I read the online help and it says it can't be done.


Is there a solution for this or are Bose working on this? I would like to buy an additional Bose speaker but this is really putting me off.



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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Google Home Compatibility with bose speakers

Unfortunately they are often limits when you put Google/Alexa on third party devices.  One such limit (at least at the moment, not sure if it will change) is linking speakers through google or alexa.  You can definitely do it through the Bose Music app, but not through voice control.


I'd be surprised if they aren't working on it, but that doesn't mean it's soon or ever going to happen.  The good news is, they keep upgrading the abilities.  For example Alexa through the Soundbars can now control certain functions of your connected TV through voice control.  That is a recent update.


As for the mic, not sure what to say.  The response I get from my Soundbar is slower than my google mini however the Mics tend to hear me better than Googles own devices.  If it's only your voice and not other family members maybe there's an accent or annunciation that's causing issues.  I know they (google and Bose) continue working to bring more languages and understanding to these devices.