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May 8, 2020

Home Speaker 300 and Google Home Assistant compatability

the 300 replaces the speaker on my google hub?  When querying, the google hub is silent, the Bose 300 responds.  Is that normal.  I cannot access Sirus XM with voice commands, only using the Bose app, is that a problem?  I have 2 Bose 300 speakers and I have to connect them every time, is there a way to have them permanently connected?  I can only control the master volume through the app, voice command for volume control only work on the speaker I am close to, even when they are connected ... can that be changed so that when connected, voice command for volume control with control volume for both connected speakers?


Re: Home Speaker 300 and Google Home Assistant compatability

Hi RayO,


I hope you're enjoying both of your Home Speakers so far! Google Assistant is only able to control volume for a connected speaker, as the group will be within the Bose Music app and not the Google Assistant service. I do apologize, but the group will need to be created each time you use the speakers as it will disband once both systems are powered off.


Have you tried using any other music services using the Google Assistant voice commands?

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