Home Speaker 300 stuck in update loop

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Home Speaker 300 stuck in update loop

I just got the HS 300 today and I understand that there is an update available. However I'm stuck in the update loop. This seems to be a problem too with the other smart speakers (HS 500/SB 500/SB 700). It's been 9 hours now. And I've done what customer service (in other posts) recommended, reset, power off, and even rebooting the router. I also have a 70mbps and the speaker is near the router. What gives?

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Re: Home Speaker 300 stuck in update loop

Hi all,


Our development team have been investigating this and should you be experiencing a similar issue, they have relayed that they'd like for you to perform a power cycle on your Home Speaker 300, and then attempt updating the speaker wirelessly again. To do this:

  1. Disconnect the Home Speaker 300 from power
  2. Leave to rest and drain of power for at least 60 seconds
  3. Initiate the firmware update again, if prompted within the Bose Music application


We look forward to hearing back from you.


Warm regards,

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Re: Home Speaker 300 stuck in update loop

FWIW, I was able to update my Soundbar 500 with no problems at all.

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Re: Home Speaker 300 stuck in update loop

Having the same issue here, very frustrating. I’ve tried diff WiFi networks and I know it is partially set-up because I can stream to it via AirPlay but the app and speaker are stuck in an update loop as well.

My mesh network gets 600Mbps down and 750Mbps so network speed is not the issue.
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Re: Home Speaker 300 stuck in update loop

Got in touch with Bose. They suggested a replacement.
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Re: Home Speaker 300 stuck in update loop

FYI I was able to so the update on my Soundbar 500. So it’s not network. Bose can see your update on their backend. So they conclused it was a hardware issue thus a replacement.
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Re: Home Speaker 300 stuck in update loop

Just bought the new Speaker 300 from a physical store in mall. Same problem. The speaker is connected to wifi, but stuck at the update forever. This is an extremely disappointing product. Not sure what happened to Bose.

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Re: Home Speaker 300 stuck in update loop

I tried doing a manual update and I get a file validation error in the downloaded firmware file. It could be the firmware file is buggy so whether an OTA or manual update is not possible. My concern is having a replacement may not do anything at all but continue having the same problem. It seems owners (in other sites) are now posting the same problem. Hopefully Bose can have an updated firmware. Otherwise, it's best to return it first and wait.


PS The manual download process indicates the current firmware in my is a developmental version.


Re: Home Speaker 300 stuck in update loop

Hello all, 


If you experience a loop when attempting to update the firmware of the Home Speaker 300, we have had some success at resolving this by performing the following: 



Perform a Manual update via a computer and USB cable. (Tethered USB update method.)


To update system software using a computer and a USB cable, follow these steps:

  1. Use the following link to download the update file for your product: worldwide.bose.com/support/HSFW
    • When prompted, click Save and save the update file to your computer's desktop
      • If the prompt does not appear, the file may have downloaded automatically. Check the header or footer in the browser window, or check your Downloads folder
      • Do not rename the file
  2. Connect a USB A-to-Micro USB cable from a computer to the "SERVICE" jack on the back bottom of the product (next to the power cord)
  3. Reboot the product by disconnecting its power cord for 30 seconds
  4. Wait for the product to reboot: While rebooting, the light bar pulses white; when rebooted, the light bar turns off
  5. Simultaneously touch and hold the Volume - and Volume + buttons on the top of the system for 5 seconds to enter service mode. A 5-second countdown appears on the display to confirm
  6. Open a web browser and go to
  7. At the file update screen, click CHOOSE FILE
  8. In the file selection window, find and select the "product_update.zip" file you downloaded in Step 1
  9. Click UPLOAD and wait while the update is installed.


I hope this helps, 


Kind regards, 


Jeff G - Community Support

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Re: Home Speaker 300 stuck in update loop

Doesn’t work. I always get the file validation error. I’ve downloaded the file sox times and always get the error message.

Re: Home Speaker 300 stuck in update loop



You mentioned you downloaded it multiple times. Each time you download the file, it may add a number in brackets e.g "Product_update(1).zip." This can have a negative effect on how the update reads the file. Please ensure you remove the number and brackets before attaching the file.


Jeff G