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May 14, 2020

Home Speaker 300 will not Factory Reset

I have a Home Speaker 300 and it was turned off for several months, I changed from Goolge Wifi to Google Nest and I attempted to change the Wifi for the Bose and it would not work. It will NOT FACTOR reset, it is like certain buttons are not working? Any assistance on how to force it to Factory reset or can I manual force it to factory reset?

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Re: Home Speaker 300 will not Factory Reset

Hey Mark,


Sorry to hear of your difficulties resetting your Home Speaker 300. Happy to help with that today. Can you provide a little more detail to give you the most accurate information - what specific buttons are not responding correctly? Does the LED status indicator react in a certain way? We have an article HERE with information on the LED status light. 


Have you tried manually updating the firmware for your speaker? This can be done via our guide HERE. Please note that you'll need to use the Volume - and Volume + buttons for this. Should one of these not be working currently then there may be difficulties with the process. 

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