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Jul 5, 2019

Home Speaker 500 Bug Report/Missing Features



a few months ago I decided to buy multiple Bose Home Speakers 500 over Sonos products.

However, waiting for the Home Speaker 300, I used a Sonos One for a while. I can compare them side by side now, and sorry to say this, but Sonos is ages ahead with their software. In my opinion the Bose speakers look way better, but if nothing changes I might sell my Bose stuff and go with Sonos. It is cheaper too!


To be fair, here is a list of things that bother me the most:

  • No music alarms, in a smart speaker with Alexa? Seriously? I am so disappointed that this is missing. I consider this as a standard
  • No multiroom grouping in the Spotify app. Sonos gives the possibility to group devices and see these groups in the Spotify Connect tab - amazing. No additional apps or steps necessary
  • Bug: Whenever I start a song from Spotify connect when the Bose is in standby, it skips to the next song and plays that one!
  • Laggy response to pressing buttons on top of the device
  • Overall the music experience (I mostly control with Spotify Connect) is buggy. From time to time the album cover on the screen freezes; yesterday there were "scratch" sounds while playing music; when I want to replay the last song of an album (when the speaker has gone back to standby), it just shows the Spotify logo for a second, but doesn't start until I select another song first
  • Sometimes playback just stops, even on TuneIn, I have no idea why this happens


I tried unplugging the speaker often, updated the firmware manually, nothing helps.


I wish the speaker could be integrated into Alexa and Spotify multiroom groups, would have FULL Alexa support and would work bug free. The "smart" software is not ready - Sonos shows it's possible!


Please update me on when the things I have listed will be fixed/possible...


Best regards,



Re: Home Speaker 500 Bug Report/Missing Features

Hi Reschix, 


Thanks for providing us with this feedback and welcome to the community. 


I will pass this feedback onto our development team. 


Kind Regards, 

Hector B - Community Support 

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