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Aug 3, 2019

Home Speaker adaptor

I own a Bose VideoWave II TV, which is old but still works great.  I was able to connect the TV with my SoundTouch speaker system by using a SoundTouch Adaptor.  Now, I would like to upgrade from the SoundTouch system to the Home Speaker system and would like to integrate the VideoWave II TV. Is there a way to do this?  


And to anyone who knows a lot about Bose rolls, can we all anticipate they will come up with an adaptor (if one doesn't exist now)?  


Re: Home Speaker adaptor

Hello condor22419,


Thanks for reaching out via the Bose Community.


Our new Smart Speaker lineup operates on a new architecture of software/hardware, therefore is not directly compatible with older SoundTouch products. The new products feature Airplay 2, and Airplay 2 is in development for SoundTouch, so once this is released, you should have the ability to link the two ecosystems together using the Airplay software. 


We have no word on if any adapters are going to be announced, in a similar manner to the SoundTouch Wireless Link adapter, but for all news regarding releases, keep an eye on the Community. 


Kind regards, 


Jeff G - Community Support

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