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May 9, 2020

How do I set up a bluetooth pin for my Bose Home Speaker 500?

My neighbours are able to connect their bluetooth to my home speakers 500 while I'm playing music. It abruptly stops the ongoing music. Is there any way to set a pin or password to the bluetooth to prevent this? Or is there any way to stop the pairing duration?


Re: How do I set up a bluetooth pin for my Bose Home Speaker 500?

Hey @mprodat,


That shouldn't be happening at all. When you're connected to the speaker via Bluetooth and playing music, it will not be available or show as available on any Bluetooth pairing list. Also, the pairing range is about 30ft, considering this and including physical barriers, it shouldn't be possible for a neighbour to successfully connect to your speaker.


There isn't a password or pin as such that can be used, but the speaker cannot be 'hijacked' by someone else trying to connect via Bluetooth, whilst your playing music. I'd recommend clearing the Bluetooth pairing list by holding the Bluetooth button for 15 seconds. This will help you re-connect all pairings fresh, without interference from any external source.

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