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Jul 14, 2019

Music artwork stops displaying - Homespeaker 500

Hi, I know there is another long thread on this with no fix or useful response from Bose, and it’s been a known issue for since the device was launched. I’m posting again so hopefully it gets to the top of the forum and we get some acknowledgment that Bose are aware and working on a solution.


I’m using Spotify and the album artwork on my home speaker 500 just stops working randomly, there seems to be no particular behaviour that activates it. The only step that fixes it is unplugging from the mains, this is not a fix as it happens so often! 

I just did a full factory reset of the device following all the steps provided by Bose, a firmware and app update so everything is fully up to date. Within a day it’s back to ‘normal’ with the artwork not loading and just the clock displaying (yes I have tried turning off the clock as one of the many things suggested).


Disappointed as this is an expensive device and the album artwork is a selling point. From what me and many others are experiencing it’s not fit for purpose.

It would be good to get a proper solution or acknowledgement from Bose about this that isn’t just factory reset, unplug etc