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Dec 14, 2020

Music dropping

Any music that I stream to my Soundbar 700 keeps dropping off for about 20 seconds and then starts again. I just got this system so I am off to a great start ☹️


Bose Soundbar 700




iPhone 11 pro





Re: Music dropping

HI Mritec,


When you've been streaming music to your soundbar, how have you been doing this? Have you been playing music from the Bose Music app, streaming a source via Bluetooth or Airplay, or another way?


So I can provide the most accurate information on this, it would be really helpful to know what method you are using to play music, and whether these audio dropouts happen with all of them, or only particular audio sources.


Also, have you noticed any pattern to when you get these dropouts? Is it always after a certain amount of time, or anything like that?


I look forward to getting to the bottom of this with you!

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