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Mar 26, 2020

Portable Home Speaker - Auto off suggestion


I just want to make some suggestion about the auto-off mode for portable home speaker.


It would be great if it can switch between auto-standby and auto-off mode, i.e. I would like it to be in auto-standby mode when charged, and switch to auto-off mode when uncharged.


Sometimes at night, I do not plug it to the charger, and it would run out of battery in the next morning. I understand the during standby-mode battery drains out a lot faster. So, if the feature is possible, I would be very appreciate!


And sorry if this feature is already available, but I couldn't find it anywhere.


Thank you so much.


Re: Portable Home Speaker - Auto off suggestion

Hi Dit,


Thank you for reaching out!


I have marked your post as a feature request so that the relevant team can view this.


Thank you for your feedback!

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