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Jun 27, 2020

Recent bose 500 intermittently working with Alexa music and commands

Recently when I ask Alexa to play music or what my weather is or any question, it sometimes will provide answer or it blinks red; I have done an update on my bose 500 speaker; I have unplugged and plugged back in; I have removed bose app and installed again;


Please help;  I have read many blogs and forums and tried to do them, but not able to get Alexa to work well with bose 500 and I have never had this problem since I've owned the speaker;  had it a year.


I live in Florida

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Re: Recent bose 500 intermittently working with Alexa music and commands

Hey bwilke, thanks for your message. Hope that you've been enjoying your speaker, outside of the Alexa difficulties that you've described. To confirm, do you own the Soundbar 500, or the Home Speaker 500? In either instance, the troubleshooting that we'll be providing will typically be fairly similar.


Does this issue happen every time that you ask Alexa a new question, or does it happen at random intervals? Are there any noticeable frequencies or specific timings to when this happens - at a certain time of day for example? Additionally, what exact commands are you asking the speaker to execute? 


The LED indicator can be a good starting point to help us locate the root cause of the issue. Our guide HERE discusses what each LED indicator means for the soundbar. Can you advise what pattern best describes your experience? 


We have some great troubleshooting suggestions available on our support site, HERE. I appreciate you've already done some great starting steps as noted in your original post, such as a power reset for the speaker. Can you try doing the same with your internet router itself? Thanks!

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