Recommendation: HDMI Switch with Duel HDMI or Optical/TosLink Output

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Recommendation: HDMI Switch with Duel HDMI or Optical/TosLink Output

Hi All,


New to the forum and Bose overall.


Just bought a Soundbar 700 and Base Module 700, and having similiar problems to a number of others on here with Samsung TV's in the HDMI ARC connectivity 'not playing ball' - I've managed to get the TV to recognise Soundbar (intermittently) but never had any sound.


I've attached the TV to the Soundbar via optical/TosLink, and to be honest it's awful - happier with the TV sound.


I've attached my PS4 to the soundbar via optical/TosLink and that was much better, and next step it to try and connect my blu-ray player direct to the soundbar via HDMI to ensure I get sound that way.


If that's successful my plan is to buy an HDMI switch to connect my kit to (via HDMI), with output via one HDMI to the TV for picture, and another HDMI or optical/TosLink output to the soundbar for sound.


Has anyone tried thsi approach, and if they have do you have any recommendations of a suitable switch?


Think this is the last throw of the dice, if can't progress on this basis it looks like I'll have to return the kit.


Any help much appreciated.




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Re: Recommendation: HDMI Switch with Duel HDMI or Optical/TosLink Output

I'm in a similar situation with my Samsung TV.   For me the Soundbar 700 sounds great (and that is without the bass module at this time), but I have been unable to get Dolby Digital either from the Tos-link or HDMI.


I purchased an HDMI switch with built in "audio extractor" which was supposed to support Dolby digital, but I sent it stright back when I found that the Infra-red remote conflicted with my Humax Freesat box.   But even if that worked, I was unable to determine if the box was sending a Dolby Digital signal because the Soundbar does not show this information anywhere.


So for now I have given up, and am waiting for Bose to bring an update which gives me the information that I need to be able to test out any more devices.


Re: Recommendation: HDMI Switch with Duel HDMI or Optical/TosLink Output

Hello BilbooToo,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.


I'm sorry to see you're running into an issue getting audio from your Samsung TV to the Soundbar 700, but I'd like to help.


  • Can you test by turning off Anynet+ within your TV settings?
  • Also, I would recommend changing CEC within the Bose Music app under Settings to "Alternate" or "Off."


Please test after each step and let me know if there is any improvement getting audio from an HDMI connection.


Kind Regards,

Joel - Community Support





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Re: Recommendation: HDMI Switch with Duel HDMI or Optical/TosLink Output

Hi Dan/Joel,


Thanks for the responses.


Joel, in reply to you...


I appear to have connectivity in place now via the HDMI ARC, however this is intermittent plus does not appear to be outputting a DD5.1 or DTS signal to the Soundbar 700.


Essentially, I switched off the television (Samsung UE55H6400AK) and Soundbar 700, plus unplugged the TV from the mains - I then removed the HDMI cable.


After about 30 minutes I plugged the TV back in, and switched it and the Soundbar 700 on - I then reinserted the HDMI cable to the ARC HDMI port on the TV (HDMI 2) and the Soundbar, and the sound was playing via the Soundbar 700.


This appears to be working regardless of the AnyNet+ setting (although with this on I can control the volume via the TV, when off I need to control direct via the Soundbar 700), and again regardless of the CEC settings.




The sound being received by the Soundbar 700 is stereo not DD5.1 or DTS, with the exception of the sound direct from the TV in the form of digital terrestrial channels - this is DD5.1


All sound from external sources (i.e. Blu-ray player) played into the TV are output as Stereo, therefore I’m getting a better sound that I would via the TV but not the sound I expect for the money I’ve paid.


Under the TV settings (Sound / Additional Settings / Audio Format) there is the option to select the PCM or DTS Neo 2:5, and then depending on the source there is additionally Dolby Digital and DTS, however these are always greyed and unselectable.


The exception is digital terrestrial channels where there is no DTS option, but Dolby Digital is selectable.


This suggests to me that the TV is able to detect a digital (DD5.1 / DTS) input, but unable to 'handshake' with the Soundbar 700 to enable it to be selected and output - the other potential option is the TV cannot passthrough DD5.1/DTS (but can detect it).


I have tried various settings (over 4 hours today!) to try and find some way to get DD5.1/DTS output to the Soundbar 700 however I have been unsuccessful, and on a couple of occasions dropped the HDMI ARC link resulting in me having to carry out the unplugging exercise again.


Any ideas?


Unless I’m able to sort this, the potential options I can see are…


  • Return the Soundbar 700 and bass module
  • Replace the TV (which isn’t an option for a couple more years)
  • Feed the external sources into a HDMI Switch with TosLink output, feed the output HDMI into the TV for picture, then the TosLink optical feed into the Soundbar 700 for sound (hopefully in DD5.1 / DTS)


Any views on the best way forward?




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Re: Recommendation: HDMI Switch with Duel HDMI or Optical/TosLink Output



Quick update…


I’ve returned from work today and TV is still recognising the soundbar, but no sound – pretty much the same situation as when I first set the soundbar up.


Called the Customer Service line for technical support, and to summarise…


  • Bose are aware of an issue with all Samsung TV’s connecting to their devices
  • Bose are working on a solution/fix
  • No date when the solution/fix will be released


I did ask if it’s the case that the solution/fix is only being worked on there is a chance that one might not be found – the woman I spoke to didn’t want to confirm either way, just repeated that a solution/fix is being worked on.


Not sure which way to go here, with the options being…


  • Buy a switch to see if I can get the TosLink optical feed to extract the necessary DD5.1/DTS signal
  • Return the soundbar and look for another option
  • Return the soundbar and wait a couple of months to see if a fix gets release, then buy again.


Anyone got any thoughts, or using a HDMI Switch with TosLink output successfully (preferably with a Samsung TV)?