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Feb 25, 2019

SB 700 5.1 system vs home theater system

Hi there, I bought a Soundbar 700 about 7 months ago and I really like it. 


Recently I moved the TV to my basement and now I am considering expanding it to the 5.1 setup (bass + surround speakers) but I start wondering .... should I expand it or buy a system where all speakers are separated (like the Lifestyle 650)?


Anyone moved from a "classic" 5.1 home theater to the SB700 5.1 system? Or the other way around.

Is the gain having 2 separated front speakers worthy?

Is the front L/R separation way better?


thank you

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Mar 12, 2019

Re: SB 700 5.1 system vs home theater system

if you build 5.1 on the basis of the bose 700 it will be cheaper and not worse in quality, the soundbar will perfectly divide the channels; you will not need to hide the power supplies from the left and right channels into the wall.