SB 700 Surround Speaker Sound Clarity

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Re: SB 700 Surround Speaker Sound Clarity

I will try that and report back the results.

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Re: SB 700 Surround Speaker Sound Clarity

I have a similar issue with the surround speakers where sound is dropping out. It sounds frequency related as though a crossover network is abruptly cutting off lower frequencies from the speakers. I only realised this after having finally managed to get good bass from the Subwoofer. Having tried like you resetting rerunning Adaptiq repositioning speaker wifi units etc I have finally stumbled across a solution. By making sure the centre speaker level is below 0 , -10 is enough the sound from the rear speakers in my case became crystal clear . Whether there is a soundbar fault that is causing this of not would be interesting to know ( Moderators note ) however at present my system seems to work well .
I have now spent do much time trying to get the best out of this set up that am losing the will to live .
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Re: SB 700 Surround Speaker Sound Clarity

Sorry to not respond for so long. I came up with the same solution. I realize the soundbar R and L speakers were putting out similar crackling cutting in and out and turned down the center below 0. I like -30. This puts the primary audio to the left and rights (also rear) and no longer sounds bad.

I still have static coming from all the speakers when no audio is coming through the speakers. It isn't very noticeable in most settings, but in quiet movie scenes, it drives me up the wall. Seems to be something with the soundbar itself as it is heard from the soundbar speakers as well as the rears. I've played with the wireless router to troubleshoot wireless interference but nothing seemed to make it go away. I'm going to try a different surge protector or something along those lines and see if that helps.