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Re: Home Speaker 500 Alexa in other countries (europe)

Really, this will get bigger and bose will have to act but shouldn't be like that.

A premium brand should have a premium service and support. Advertising something and not assuring all European countries are supported or warned is misleading the consumer.

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Re: Home Speaker 500 Alexa in other countries (europe)

I have the same problem in Slovenia. Before I bought my home speaker I checked many webpages, also official one and also the official on my country, but there was no words about Alexa not to be supported.

Does anyone know for some workarounds? To change the country in some settings, so the system would think that I am in US or something else?
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Re: Home Speaker 500 Alexa in other countries (europe)

The workaround is to setup a VPN from your network to a supported country UK or US

A bit tech but doable However you have to pay for the service, and setup your alexa to the country of your VPN.


Re: Soundbar 700 - Alexa setup

Hi Steve,


My apologies that the store did not notify you of Alexa availability.  


Please let me know if you have any other questions.




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Re: Home Speaker 500 Alexa in other countries (europe)

Hello everyone,


Thank you for all the feedback.  I'm trying to put a list together of the current countries that are fully supported through the Smart Home speaker line up.  Once I have compiled the data, I'll be sure to merge all existing posts about Alexa availability with the updated list.  We will try and maintain this list as frequently as possible, but with Alexa constantly changing and evolving, this list may get outdated and my best recommendation is to follow the Community for future announcements.  I just wanted to make sure there was something out there that will be able to answer immediate questions during the holiday season.  



With the new Smart Home speakers, we are still looking to add more countries for Alexa availability.  Regarding the headphones, they use a different API for this which is why it's unlocked in your region at moment.  


Warm Regards,

Tony A 

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Re: Home Speaker 500 Alexa in other countries (europe)

It’s not simple like unlocking voice assistance for all your device and not locking that behind IP address?! New EU rules says you can’t blocking because something is not available in place where is that device, anyway why Amazon allowed people use Alexa voice assistance in different countries that is registered? And you not! That is some joke and this is my last device from Bose.
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Bose Smart Home Alexa Availability

Hello everyone!


Thank you for all your feedback about Alexa integration with our new Smart Home speakers.  There has been some confusion revolving around if the Bose Smart Home speakers will integrate with Alexa in the country you're trying to use it in.  Even though Alexa may be available in your country and native language, it may not be fully supported through the Bose Smart Home speakers.  I wanted to post a list that we currently have of countries and languages that are supported with these speakers.  The tough part here is that with Alexa constantly evolving and changing, this list may become outdated, but we'll do our best to keep it up to date.  I wanted to make sure that you have as much information as possible during this holiday season.  The best place for current news and features would be our announcements through the Community.  


Countries with Alexa support:

If a country is not listed, it does not support Alexa integration with Bose products.


  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • United States


Languages for use with Alexa:

Your preferred language to communicate with Alexa can be selected in the Alexa app. The following languages are supported:


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Spanish


Warm Regards and Happy Holidays!

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Re: Bose Smart Home Alexa Availability

What if I was living in UK for 2years time and I have amazon account and I was use Alexa and now I move over to Poland and I can’t use Alexa because your speaker don’t give me option to even try put my amazon account details. That’s is problem and not that with county is supported. Amazon device give that options to sing in with your amazon account even you aboard.!

Re: Bose Smart Home Alexa Availability

Hello McPikul,


Thank you for posting. We understand that your situation is frustrating. Poland is not currently on the list of countries for which Alexa integration is supported on Bose products. As Alexa integration expands globally we will make every effort to keep this Community updated. Thank you for your patience! 



Best Regards,


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Re: Bose Smart Home Alexa Availability

Hi @Tony_A


Thank you for providing an exhaustive list of the enable countries. My next question then and as is the same from most of the people interacting on this forum is why this list not readily available on the Bose website?

A full disclaimer should be made when marketing the Alexa functionality for the new Bose Smart Home speakers line. Saying "Alexa is not available in all languages and countries" is simply not enough. This would manage expectation and prevent a lot of frustration.