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Feb 20, 2021

Smart Soundbar 300 - Center Speaker/Channel distorted sound

Hello everyone!


Got myself a brand new Soundbar 300 a few days ago and while watching a TV show I started noticing a subtle, odd distortion happening occasionally, usually at the higher pitched sounds and voice tones. I thought I am going crazy but then I put my ear close to the speaker - and while both left and right ones sound crystal clear, the middle one appears to be sort of... odd. Like a badly compressed modulation that tries to separate music from the dialogue / vocals. 


The dialogue enhancement mode is disabled, so that it's definitely not it. I also tried different settings within the app, various devices and video files; it's all the same. Although - the better quality inputs, such as Blu-ray films, seem to do much better and the distortions are hardly hearable, especially at higher volumes.


Could it possibly be the Soundbar drives or should I look into returning the unit?


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!