So Bose has moved on from SoundTouch, we should too...

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Re: So Bose has moved on from SoundTouch, we should too...

@vandrew I could not agree more. I waited and waited for my existing SoundTouch speakers to work properly. They still barely don't. When I visit my friends' house, which is full of Sonos speakers, I'm envious of his setup. They work flawlessly which is something my Bose system unfortunately rarely does. My faith in Bose has been lost. Sure, they make excellent speakers, but I don't have faith in them moving forward adapting their products to the more connected tech ecosystem that everything's headed towards. 


I soon plan on upgrading/expanding my speaker setup, and I know where I won't be looking. Bose. They have caused me too much frustration and it's no longer worth the constant negativity I feel everytime I open up their broken application. 

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Re: So Bose has moved on from SoundTouch, we should too...

Overall, I appreciate that Bose seems to move on from the inherently flawed SoundTouch framework and starts off fresh, without any legacy that potentially might stand in the way of progress. I have four SoundTouch devices at my home and, like many here in the community, have waited patiently for features that never saw the light of day. A while ago already, I gave up waiting for feats like a sleep timer (except for the Wave radio which has one as a legacy functionality) and expected that Bose would revamp the entire eco-system eventually, especially after no material updates came in the recent months and no new products really either.


That being said, as a customer I obviously feel a little trampled on - and the main reason for that is the complete incompability between SoundTouch and the new Smart Home series. As others here have said, I fully understand that the processing power etc. needed to be upped in order for Alexa etc. to work. I can understand that also the infrastructure in terms of how the systems work had to be changed but I have trouble accepting that there seems to be no way to at least get multiroom sound or a broadcasting from the Smart Home to the SoundTouch to work. That way there would be at least a somewhat smooth upgrade path for those with more than one SoundTouch device.


This all-or-nothing approach is even more frustrating as Bose doesn't openly communicate from the get-go which other Smart Home devices will become available and when. Yes, more devices are being teased but what about Lifestyle or Wave? Right now one can only assume they will get a Smart Home treatment but with no clear announcements, it's up in the air. I wish Bose would be more transparent here. It's not like they're going to lose a ton of SoundTouch clients once it's clear to everyone that it's a legacy product-line. So buyers will know what they get into.

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Re: So Bose has moved on from SoundTouch, we should too...

honestly im very happy whit my soundtouch systems, i have two soundtouch 300, one whit acoustimass and invisible 300, one soundtouch 30 series iii, one soundtouch 20 series iii. its an awesome system and i love it, and im very happy whit the announce support for airplay 2 on all my devices. That been said, the only problem that i saw is the option to buy a bose home because if i want to, only in the future via airplay 2 a multiroom option will be possible, im agree about the moving to another arquitecture and thats the technology, but there no chance to sell all my stuff only for the alexa built in, im on the apple ecosystem so alexa its not in my horizon but im understand all the people who wants the chance to connect the old soundtouch whit the new smarthome because alexa built in option.

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Re: So Bose has moved on from SoundTouch, we should too...

This is exactly my problem witht the current status quo, Bose please answer us this:

1: Apple with airplay will be able to offer a multi room experience with the new and old product, why cant you? this would not be a hardware limitation as you explained in your initial post as airplay is able to do it. 

My opinion is that there is no will to integrate old and new with software, which is clearly possible. Sad for your own product when other sofware developers are able to do so with your own product!

2: This course of action seems very strange to me because you are now telling your clients which is evident by the responses that if we purchase your top of the range system, you would be unable to expand it with the new products, what a slap in the face for someone who just spent 4k with you. 

3: Correct me if im wrong but alexa would be able to control the old and new too, as stated in the FAQ it would just not provide syncronised playback. Again this points toward the software not being written to accomplish this, surely if 2 other companies can do this Bose would be able to? 

4: The summary here would be and I truly hope you listen to your clients as I see you are on a path to loose many, All your Competators are creating an eco system that you would be able to build over time however you have decided not to, why? Why do you want to lose your clients, why dont you want to compete in the market place? (please dont give me the "its a hardware upgrade issue" its not, your software simply has to be coded to allow new and old on one control platform)




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Re: So Bose has moved on from SoundTouch, we should too...

I also agree the SoundTouch software is flawed and needs to be redevoled. That does not mean you should just ditch it, by all means bring out some new software, but make the previous speaker range compatable with it, even it it does not support alexa, who cares? I have 3 alexa devices that work with my soundtouch already.

Would not be difficult to make previous versions compatable. I am at a serious crossroad here, im buying a bigger house and need more speakers, but no way im buying SoundTouch knowing its being phased out and cannot buy the new Smart Home as it's not compatble with my existing 4 SoundTouch speakers!!


So do i put the lot on eBay and buy Sonos, or do i stick with what i have, knowing that i will never be able to expand it???