Re: Sounbar 700 Firmware Update 4.0.9 sound drops out for a micro second.

Hello Henk12, 


Thanks so much for sharing your feedback. 


I am so happy that your issue is now resolved, and I am sure that your feedback will help others know how to fix the issue. 


Do let us know if you need assistance in the future. 


Kind Regards, 

Vicky W 

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Mar 23, 2020

Re: Sounbar 700 Firmware Update 4.0.9 sound drops out for a micro second.

My TV is the TCL 55R625 which operates on Roku. We notice the sound issue happening when watching Amazon Prime Video in its app, and HBO Go. We are connected through HDMI ARC.

I hadn't noticed it while gaming, but when we used the Xbox's Blu-Ray it was pretty annoying- every few minutes it would go out for an ms or two and then followed closely by a second moment in which it happens again. The Blu-Ray's English track said it was Dolby Digital, DTS encoded if it makes any difference. (After further testing I can confirm that it does happen while gaming.)

The issue isn't huge, but once you notice it's happening it becomes pretty annoying. Considering the premium one pays for Bose products one expects this type of issue to be nipped in the bud and not a recurring thing since around 2018. (According to forum posts.)

Would love any updates that may help me solve the issue. I tried switching into the optical cable and still get those dropouts. When listening to music through the app, or plugging in through bluetooth all is peachy.