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Jun 27, 2020

Sound bar 700 no tv audio with arc

No sound from Tv through 700 using arc. Works using optical.  Astonishing given this was an issue almost a year ago for many Bose customers.  


Sony Bravia TV, all firmwares up to date, all Bose suggested fixes on relevant threads tried (hardware reconnects, app deletes, firmware updates, etc).  


Bose - what is the fix pls?! Totally unacceptable for $2000 worth of kit.

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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Sound bar 700 no tv audio with arc

What Sony TV have you got and what HDMI port are you using?


There is a setting in the Sony sound settings that may not be set to automatic

My Sony sometimes doesn't register the Soundbar when I turn it on (it comes up on screen with "tv speakers in use".  I think it's more the cable I use, as I just unplug/plug in the HDMI and it renews the digital handshake that causes them to see each other.