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Aug 28, 2020

Sound bar 700, subwoofer, and 700 surround speakers are hot garbage

I invested heavily in BOSE home entertainment system, because I have BOSE in my car and I love it, but my experience with BOSE system has been horrible. There are so many issues, I wish I Never purchased this system. It is unreliable, the sound is meh, the user experience is frustrating.

Here are some cautions for potential buyers

1. If you have any wifi issues, do not buy this. 
2. The remote is huge, but unfortunately necessary because it allows you to have better control of the sound, the app has no subtlety on sound. You also need it to toggle between airplay, Bluetooth, and television. 
3. BOSE after a month my sound bar stopped working I had to reboot and disconnect everything. Took hours just to get sound

4 subwoofer seems to only work intermittently

5 BOSE will not allow reviews to best posted on 700 sound bar despite saying I can write a review after I registered my product

6. the tiny surround speakers have the BIGGEST power supply you will ever see! 

7. There is nothing tactile, I miss my receiver and wish I never switched 

8. If you enjoy updating software, downloading apps, Disconnecting and rebooting equipment, and fiddling with your wifi router this is your system. If you want simplicity and elegance look somewhere else.


i regret my purchase and am so angry about the time I have wasted on problem solving rather enjoying my purchases. I feel bamboozled and angry and wish I never bought into BOSE. 

Finally, even writing this I have had to verify that I wasn’t a robot 10 times, I wish I were cause BOSE has broken my heart.